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看影片學新版 GRI 準則:Sustainability Reporting with the GRI Standards

by Global Reporting Initiative | 發佈於 Dec 30, 2018

領導力企管編輯團隊為您選播來自全球永續性報告協會 (Global Reporting Initiative,GRI)的2分鐘簡介影片,資料來源與版權歸屬皆為 GRI。第一段影片為您翻譯的是 "Sustainability reporting with the GRI Standards"。以下提供影片字幕全文中英對照。

Whether it's mitigating the effects of climate change, giving everyone access to clean water or ensuring that no child is forced to go to work instead of going to school, there's so much more we need to do to create a sustainable global economy. 


At GRI we believe companies and other organizations have a critical role to play in addressing these problems.


That's why in the late 1990s we pioneered sustainability reporting. 


Sustainability reporting is an organization's practice of publicly disclosing its broader economic environmental and social impacts.


The GRI Sustainability reporting standards are the first global standards for sustainability reporting. They feature disclosures on a wide range of topics such as energy use, diversity in the workplace, anti-corruption, and human rights. To name only a few. As a result, any organization can use the GRI Standards to increase transparency with all of their stakeholders.


This is the first step in transforming our global economy into one that's sustainable and inclusive.


Reporting with the GRI Standards can help you protect the environment and improve society while thriving economically.


What's more, sustainability reporting can create a range of benefits for your organization. Helping you improve stakeholder relations, enhance your reputation, and build trust. At GRI we also offer engagement opportunities that can enhance those benefits:


we support organizations throughout their reporting journeys, we set up training programs that explain how to establish a sustainability reporting process, and we offer services that help ensure reports are aligned with the GRI Standards.


Organizations can also join the GRI GOLD community and connect with peers to develop solutions to shared challenges. And GRI also works with governments to promote smart sustainability policies and regulations around the world.

組織也可以加入GRI GOLD社群,並與同業彼此聯繫,共同制定解決方案以應對挑戰。 GRI更與政府合作,在全球各地推廣更有效的永續發展政策和法規。

For example, you can use GRI Standards to show your contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to fulfill your reporting requirements under the EU directive on non-financial reporting.


We also offer guidance on the alignment between GRI Standards and other reporting efforts and international norms.


So when you choose to use GRI Standards you're joining a global effort to contribute to sustainable development.


At GRI, we're working towards a future where all organizations use transparency to transform our world into one where we create wealth for everyone while preserving the resources that drive our economies. Help us make this vision a reality.


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